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Designed with care for older seniors

(average age of our users is 86)

We believe that everyone (especially older seniors) deserve to be connected with friends, family and caregivers online – even if they’re uncomfortable using technology. We designed the Claris Companion tablet for seniors living at home so their family can connect with them socially using email and text messages, photos, and videos, while caregivers can receive alerts and monitor compliance with medications, treatments, and important appointments.

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New Claris Companion Updates 2019

We’ve added access to Games, News and Weather.

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Family and caregivers remotely manage everything about
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See how the Good Samaritan Society uses
Claris Companion tablet to connect elderly seniors with family

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New CareDot® technology for Family

Claris Companion is the absolute easiest way to know your loved one is okay. Our new CareDot® technology automatically displays an activity, compliance and wellness score for your loved one as they interact with the Claris tablet system. Claris Companion will also send alerts to you if anything is out of the ordinary and allows you to connect right away.

Family and home care workers can also use our secure Companion Console website (accessible on any smartphone, tablet or computer) to remotely personalize the Companion, set reminders, configure the text/email alerting system, and monitor user activity.

Designed for Older Seniors

The Claris Companion service provides everything an older senior needs and nothing they don’t. Unlike traditional computers, tablets, cell phones or monitoring devices, Claris Companion is specifically designed to provide the perfect balance of social and health care features for older seniors, without the need to launch apps or enter passwords.

Family can remotely setup the large buttons and text, adjust the sound, and schedule notifications.

Perfect for Home Care

To support independence and aging in place, Claris Companion can be used to provide virtual home care through video calling, medication and treatment management, health surveys, instructional care videos, exercise programs, ‘call me’ requests, and check-ins.

These features help families and home care providers monitor and manage the care of older seniors at home – for a fraction of the cost of full in-home care.

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