Are You a Senior Care Organization? Find out how Claris Companion Can Help

Are You a Senior Care Organization?
Find out how Claris Companion Can Help

All senior care organizations, whether they provide caregivers who work in private homes or run assisted living facilities, face the challenge of providing safe, quality care while keeping costs down and driving efficiencies.

Here is our list of Top 10 ways the Claris Companion can help your organization:

  1. CHECK-IN In the morning, seniors can press the “check-in” button to send an email or text message letting them know they’re okay. If the check-in button is not pressed, after a configurable amount of time an alert will be generated and sent to staff notifying them that the check-in was missed. This reduces staff labour and ensures resident safety.
  2. MEDICATION REMINDERS prevent adverse events by improving compliance.
  3. MESSAGING saves time communicating important information to residents.
  4. SURVEY allows staff to gather feedback and participation in events.
  5. RECREATION AND EVENT REMINDERS engage residents in social activities.
  6. ALERTS provide family with peace of mind and allow staff to be more pro-active.
  7. VIDEO CHAT AND PHOTOS allow family to connect with residents.
  8. COMPANION CONSOLE WEBSITE provides family visibility into resident activities and well-being.
  9. SIMPLE, CONFIGURABLE, AND DEPENDABLE OPERATION allows all residents to participate.
  10. GENERATE ADDITIONAL REVENUE by attracting new tenants, retaining current tenants by helping them age in place, engaging families and making staff more efficient.

Of course, nothing can replace the personal care that face-to-face contact provides, but the Claris Companion can enhance the care you can give by providing communication 24/7 especially when you can’t be in the room.

It’s just the easiest way for residents to communicate with staff and family. Why not try it out this month in your organization?

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Staying connected is easy with free apps
for Family and Caregivers

Your loved one will love Claris Companion. We guarantee it.

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