Frequently Asked Questions about Claris Companion

Where is the Claris Companion device with the bamboo frame as seen in the videos and some photos?
We recently made the decision to make Claris Companion software available on a wider range of off-the-shelf Android tablets. As a result, we’ve been able to reduce the price of our Claris Companion tablet by $100. And for those not comfortable with technology, we can provide a Claris Companion on a familiar device – the desktop phone. For more information on these options please visit:
What if my loved one does not have access to WiFi?
If your loved one doesn’t have access to WiFi you can purchase our Claris Companion 4G Cellular version which will work most places in the US or Canada (see our US 4G coverage map or Canadian 4G coverage map for details), and we include the data plan, so you don’t need to worry about any additional charges or fees.
Do we need two Companions for them to talk to each other?
No. Friends, family and caregivers who do not need their own Companion to send and receive messages to your loved one’s Companion. They can use their usual email programs and web browser on any computer or mobile device.
Can multiple family members, friends and caregivers communicate with the Companion?
Yes, multiple family members can interact and manage the Companion, and you can control their level of access to things like alerts, health care details or confidential information by inviting them as either Managers, Responders or Contributors.
What age demographic is the Companion suitable for?
The Companion is suitable for anyone who has:
1. Little or no computer experience
2. Resisted conventional technology
3. Diminishing eyesight, motor skills, hearing, or cognition.The average age of Companion users is 86 with many living independently at home.
What is needed to get started with Claris Companion?
All seniors need is the Claris Companion device to get started. Companion will come pre-configured to work right out of the box. While families just need online access to the Companion Console website to manage their account.
How does the Companion differ from an iPad or other tablet technology?

The companion is safer and easier for seniors to use than an iPad, tablets or computers because it was designed specifically for seniors. It provides them with exactly what they need to connect with family and manage their own care. All information is pushed to the device and automatically displayed with large buttons and text, so there’s no need to launch apps to see important notifications. Seniors cannot get ‘lost’ by pressing buttons, mistakenly changing settings or having confusing updates and warning messages appear. The device can be configured remotely through the secure website avoiding frustrating technical support calls. Additionally, text message alerts can be sent to family members in case of missed medication reminders, check-ins and wellness surveys.For even more reasons why Companion is different, please see our Why Companion? page.

Does Companion replace an emergency call system or telephone line?
Claris Companion is not intended to be an emergency call system, nor does it replace a telephone.
My parents are already using email on a computer. What does Claris Companion do for them?
Companion is intended for people who aren’t comfortable using technology, but even for those that are, Companion offers a lot of features that might still be of interest – event and medication reminders, digital photo display, sophisticated alerting, and one-touch “call me” notifications.  In the future, we plan on adding new services to Companion, such as one-touch contact with a medical professional, as well as access to self-care information and services.
Can the Companion be used by two or more people at the same time?
It’s possible but we don’t recommend it. Each Companion device is connected to one specific user profile and email address – all messages, notifications, alerts, wellness surveys and check-ins are associated with that person’s profile.
Aren't there free services like Gmail and Skype that do the same things for free?
The freely available email and video services presume some degree of computer literacy to use – user names, passwords, launching web browsers, and accessories etc.  Furthermore, they expose users to potentially confusing advertising as well as privacy and security concerns. Companion protects your loved one by providing a secure, ad-free communications channel just for them.  In addition, free services do not provide feedback to the family members in terms of alerts, reminders, check-in, or direct access to self-care content.
What happens if I buy one and my family member won't/can't use it?
Claris offers a money back guarantee.  If Claris Companion doesn’t work for you, simply return it within 30 days for a complete refund. We even pay for shipping.
What happens if I have a problem with the Companion?
Unlike some computer or software providers, we have trained staff that are ready to answer any of your questions via our toll free telephone number or online support system. Our support line is there to help you with any problems you may encounter.
How long will Companion operate when it's off the charger?
The Claris Companion battery can typically power the device for 4-6 hours.  Try not to let the battery discharge completely, as you may miss reminders if Companion’s battery is completely dead.
What happens if the Internet connection is lost?
If the wireless connection to the Internet fails, Claris Companion will continue to work – all reminders and events will be delivered on time, and photos and messages are still available.  While the connection is lost, new messages will not be sent or received, but as soon as the wireless connection is re-established, all messages that have arrived in the meantime will be delivered immediately.  If desired, an alert can be automatically sent out to a family member or other contact if the wireless connection is lost.
Where should we place Companion in the home?
Your Companion can be placed anywhere that is convenient for you as long as it is near an electrical outlet.  The kitchen counter, a bedside table, or end table in the sitting room are all good choices.  Just make sure that the Companion’s charging cord won’t be a tripping hazard.
In which languages is Claris Companion available?
Currently, Claris Companion is available in English only.

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