Thousands of family members trust Claris Companion to stay in touch with elderly relatives

(without having to worry about technology)

Best purchase ever!! My Mother is 85 and hard of hearing so doesn’t use the phone much. A woman who refuses to use a microwave or a DVD player has started emailing me in less than a week. Since I live across the country, I can’t stress enough what a wonderful change this makes for our lives and I can’t thank you enough.”
- Cindy Adams

Simple Notifications

All messages (emails, text, photos, videos etc) and reminders (check-in, medication, events, etc) are pushed to the device and displayed in full screen without the user having to do anything. In fact, the Companion can be configured to show no buttons on the home screen and notifications appear automatically. It’s managed remotely by family members and caregivers using our secure Companion Console Website, which eliminates any tech frustration for the user.

Always On

Unlike other communication devices, Claris Companion is always ON so you know that reminders, messages and notifications are displayed on time and alerts are always generated. Just knowing that your messages and reminders will be seen, can provide a lot of comfort if you live far away.


Companion was designed to accommodate many of the physical effects of aging. For the visually impaired, Companion displays information in large on-screen text. For those with arthritis, Parkinson’s or dexterity issues, Companion has large buttons that are triggered easily.


Companion can be completely personalized to suit the specific needs of each user. In fact, we recommend that most users start with only one or two buttons on Companion. As users become more comfortable or as care needs increase, family members or home care providers can remotely configure Companion to add new functionality.  Ideally, seniors should get started with Companion before they really need it, so when it comes time to manage medications or implement a detailed care plan, Companion is already part of their daily routine.

Customer Care

Unlike some other software or computer manufacturers, Claris Companion is supported by a North American-based customer care team that has experience responding to any questions you or your loved one may have. We pride ourselves on providing timely, friendly, and thorough responses to your questions or concerns.

Peace of Mind

Almost everything that your loved one does on Claris Companion can automatically generate email or text notifications for family or home care providers, including when your email was read or if the device goes offline. In addition, Companion can be configured to send a daily activity summary email letting you know which activities users performed on Companion throughout the day, providing some visibility into their activity level. Changes in daily activity (such as a series of missed medication reminders) may be an indication that additional home care support is required.


We understand that Claris Companion may not be for everyone, so you can try it for 30 days and if either you or your loved one is not completely satisfied with Companion, you can return it for a full refund – no questions asked. We will even pay for the return shipping, so it’s completely risk free in order to get started.

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